Design/Build & Cost Plus Construction

Enjoy the comfort of cost control by using a cost-plus system. 

Why Design-Build?

Delaware Building Systems assures that quality, deadlines and costs are firmly controlled by assuming total responsibility for all of these factors to one complete entity: the Design/Builder.

As an established Design/Builder, Delaware Building Systems bridges the gap between a strong construction management ability with an experienced design team bringing outstanding value to your project. 

Design-Build Team Centric

Design/Build is an all-inclusive alternative that is ideal for any project owner no matter the size or the complexity. Your internal design team along with Delaware building systems design build team will interact exclusively with each other to develop the entire project. This option will allow freedoms in selecting an architectural design and are assured of quality commensurate with your intentions.

Design build also allows for increased areas for value engineering before the start of the project. Working as one team will allow our experience and knowledge to bring a wide array of options that provide unforeseen benefits by working so closely during the design process. 

Design-Build Saves Time & Money

With the Design/Build method, you enjoy the comfort of cost control by using a cost-plus fee system that will allow you to closely monitor project costs. 

By establishing an agreed percentage of our services, you will be apprised of all project costs without the worry of surprises. This will also limit your risk of cost over runs and potentially leading to bringing the project in under budget as cost savings are shared with both teams.

As with other project delivery systems cost-plus allow for flexibility for project costs throughout with limited interruptions made by changes. Cost- plus allows the design team to make change determinations almost immediately without waiting for costs to be determined and additional proposals submitted ultimately this will keep the project progressing with limited schedule delays. If something is deleted that cost is simply not incurred and as the owner, you can rest easy knowing that 100% of that savings will be passed back to you.   

DBS Design Build Method

Typical Design Bid Build Method

In this chart you can see the building process and how we can expedite your project while also  increasing your ROI period. While we’re applying for grading permits and working drawings are being finalized, foundations can be poured, and decisions can be made about the building’s interior. 

The benefits to be gained by utilizing the Design/Build process with Delaware Building Systems include: 

  • Unmatched Quality
  • Single Source Solutions
  • Project costs established sooner 
  • Condensed project schedules both pre construction and construction phases 
  • Value Engineering
  • Greater Hands on approach to your project
  • Team approach 
  • Less need for changes
  • Improved risk management